History of the Claude Pepper Foundation as Told in Video

Individual Videos of Foundation Board Members

The following videos of Pepper Foundation Board Members were shot in the spring and summer of 2012 in an effort to capture their recollections of the origins of the Pepper Foundation. They are unedited for content so any errors are misstatements due to time passing and not intentional.

Individual Videos of Staff

The following videos were shot in the spring and summer of 2012 in an effort to capture the work history and current activities of staff within the Pepper Center, Museum, and library.

Pepper Center Documentary

Following the establishment of the Pepper Foundation, a major focus of its officers was the preservation of Senator Pepper’s vast collection of Congressional records, photos, recordings, and memorabilia. In time it was agreed that a separate permanent home on the FSU campus would be created. With the participation of the Pepper Foundation, FSU administration, and the Florida Legislature the Pepper Center was constructed and now houses the Pepper Foundation, the Pepper Center on Aging, the Pepper Museum, Pepper Library, the Florida State Data Center on Aging, and The Pepper Institute on Aging. The documentary that follows attempts to tell the story of the Pepper Center and its work. We hope you find it enlightening.

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