About the Foundation

The goals of the Foundation are based upon the principles by which Claude and Mildred Pepper lived their lives. They were the unrelenting enemy of poverty, injustice, oppression and every other source of unhappiness and degradation to which humans beings are subject. Claude Pepper believed it was a proper and necessary function of government to provide the economic and social conditions that made it possible for the individual to realize his or her full potential. He believed the individual also had a duty to contribute to the advancement of social justice through personal practices and community activity. Since its founding, the Foundation has not only fulfilled that purpose but has developed extensive programs to further the objectives of Senator Pepper.

Consistent with Claude Pepper’s dedicated efforts to meet the needs and maximize the potential of all people, especially the elderly, The Pepper Foundation uses its financial and other resources to develop The Pepper Center at Florida State University into one of the country’s major education, research and public outreach service centers. The Claude Pepper Library, which houses Senator Pepper’s extensive collection of historical documents, empirical data and memorabilia, and the exhibits of the Claude Pepper Museum are valuable adjuncts of the Center. The Foundation was also instrumental in the creation of the Pepper Institute on Aging and the Pepper Data Center.

After completion of the Pepper Center construction and the permanent funding of the center endowment, the Pepper Foundation has turned its attention to other tasks. Chief among them is the funding of a Claude Pepper Foundation “Scholar in Residence,” a position currently occupied by Dr. Larry Polivka. In addition, the Claude Pepper Foundation is instrumental in funding the State Data Center on Aging, an invaluable data resource to researchers and policy makers throughout the state and nation.

Initiatives such as these have allowed the foundation to focus on program priorities that are beneficial to the senior population. Of principal interest to the foundation is the topic, “alternatives to nursing home care.” This issue is fundamental to the overall quality of life enjoyed by seniors.

As our population ages, more seniors will be candidates for some type of long-term care. Nursing home care is typically the most expensive by far and the most institutional in nature.

The research supported by the Claude Pepper Foundation is dedicated to understanding what alternatives exist to nursing home care and at what cost. Coupled with better lifestyle outcomes for seniors, their quality of life is enhanced.

Additionally, the Claude Pepper Foundation pursues its mission by gathering, assimilating, and distributing data, organizing conferences on public policy issues and providing outreach services to the public.

The Pepper Foundation also awards grants on a limited basis to specific endeavors that are consistent with the stated purposes and goals of the Foundation.

Our Mission

The Claude Pepper Foundation serves as a lasting testament to Senator Pepper’s vision and commitment.

The Foundation preserves and promotes the ideas, values, public policy goals and life of Claude Pepper to ensure that they are a continuing part of contemporary American political and social discourse. Federal and State lawmakers are provided information about these ideas to promote actions and policies that will result in a better quality of life for all Americans.

Originally, these goals were primarily achieved through the Foundation’s creation and support of the Claude Pepper Center at Florida State University. Through the Center’s programs and operations, which includes the Pepper Library, the Pepper Museum, and a collaboration with the Pepper Institute on Aging and Public Policy, the Pepper Data Center and other institutions, the Foundation disseminates research, conducts symposia, conferences, public outreach and other activities.

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