Welcome to the Claude Pepper Foundation

The Claude Pepper Foundation, a not-for-profit corporation, was established by Senator Claude Pepper in 1986.  Senator Pepper was a key participant in shaping public policy at the state and national level throughout the 1900s and knew the educational potential and historical significance of his vast collection of papers, images, recordings and memorabilia.

He established the Claude Pepper Foundation to provide the resources to properly preserve, store and conserve the collection. He wanted to develop curricula and public activities that would maximize the educational potential of the collection. Since its founding, the Foundation has not only fulfilled that purpose but has developed extensive programs to further the objectives of Senator Pepper. For example, the Pepper Library now houses the collection of several other notable public figures with the hope of expanding these facets of the library’s holdings. Currently, the collections of Governors Collins and Askew are housed at the library, along with those of other dignitaries.

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